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Aloha ia o’ka a pa’ulo
Meeting in love, we become one

Aim of this site is to introduce the Polynesian spiritual culture. The word ‘huna’ was not originally used by native hawaiians to describe the spiritual knowledge, is was given by westerners trying to research and describe the fascinating fenomena. Hawaiians, if at all, would call it ho’omana. The application of the  ancient knowledge these days  is not only a timely task but increasingly urgent, too, as we have been backing away from our own naturalness, we have been forgetting about our inner harmony and taking care of our relations based on it. The word huna means secret, hidden. The essence behind  the surface. The invisible that  shapes  the visible.

The Polynesian experts named kahunas in Hawaii, tohunas in Tahiti and tohungas in Aotearoa (New Zeland) have already discovered a tight relationship between healthy internal and external relations,  emotions as well as physical health centuries ago and before the birth of contemporary western psychology.
They discovered that by changing internal relations, it is possible to influence psycho-physiological symptoms, such as the energy level, the efficiency of creating powers and happiness.
Isolated from other cultures, they developed simple and efficient means to restore balance in our relationsips, in shaping our destiny, in redefining the meaning of life, as well as good general condition and health.

“Waiho wale kahiko” – The time to reveal the old secrets has come.

contact: witold.kucharczyk (at)