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Ohana Aloha Camp

 July 31-August 6, 2021

Lomilomi, hula and haka, making music, learning, sharing in the Spirit of Aloha!

Learning lomilomi…


Nightly making music around the fire…


‘Ohana – when we meet in Love we shall be whole!


Hawaiian hula…


Meditation live music by night…

It is the sixteenth year we meet together at our Summer Camp, to learn, share and enjoy massages, dances and many other forms of Polynesian Healing Arts.

’Ohana Aloha, what does it mean?

The Hawaiian word „ohana” refers to a family or extended family. In wider sense: to care and nurture love-based relationships. „Oha” means joy of life, but also taro (kalo) plant, the basic food of all Hawaiians of old times. More exactly – the part of it used for propagation. „ Ana” stands for creation and revival.

The meaning of Aloha: to share divine breath of love that origins from the Creator.

alo, – to share now
oha – joy, happiness
ha – life force, breath

During the Camp you can participate in:

  • Lomilomi workshops!

We will learn some aspects and technics out of so rich Hawaiian lomilomi bodywork. Both for those who studied it previously, and those who meet lomilomi for the first time, everyone gets opportunity forgiving and receiving and so experiencing the loving touch of lomilomi.

  • Hawaiian hula! Learn the Art of Telling Stories though dance, join the daily hula classes!
  • haka – the warrior dance! Learn it or fear it!
  • Free dances
  • Live music and singing by the fire
  • morning yoga classes

The fees:

The whole week price, including participation in all activities and daily three vegetarian/ vegan meals, excluding the accommodation: HUF 60,000.


  1. Natália ház

Accommodation for 14 persons, rooms with 3-4 beds. Each with bathroom. Accommodation fee: HUF 3500 Ft/night + HUF 200 TAX.

  1. your own tent: HUF 2200 Ft/night (13,200/week)

Enrolments:,+36 30 532 14 13